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Last Night on TV: Josh Groban gets a little ‘Crazy,’ Glee goes soul searching and more

Singer extraordinaire and multiple Grammy nominee Josh Groban exercised his finely honed comedic chops playing an overly enthusiastic suitor (okay, borderline stalker) to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Sydney. He was fantastic. Meanwhile, Robin Williams and the boys were wooing another Sydney. Australia. And ended up cribbing stalker Groban’s song “Sydney, you’re one of a kind,” that he wrote for her for the tourism campaign. (Personally I was a fan of their “Australia: We’ve got penguins” pitch.) In the end, we learned a valuable lesson about song writing: "Great songs don't come from getting the girl; they come from not getting the girl."

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Glee-cap: Are you a Katy or a Gaga?

Six weeks to Nationals and Mr. Shue is asking the very important question: are you a Katy or a Gaga? Turns out I'm not all that much of a fan of either artist's new music. Huh. Go figure. But I am psyched that Glee's back after that lengthy World Series hiatus. And it brought us GLAMBERT! Whoop! On to the roses and thorns...

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Last Night on TV: The CMA Awards and a few dark(ish) dramas

Last night....well, my cable decided to quit at quarter to 8 p.m., ET. which means I can basically tell you what happened in the first 45 minutes of The Tomorrow People and Revolution. But how helpful would that really be?! Luckily, there's this miracle thing called the Internet, and I think it's caught me up which means I can catch you up. Shall we?

Hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood opened the 2013 CMA Awards with a shoving match, spoofing the music industries' many feuds with a quick rendition of "Why Can't We Be Friends?" Luke Bryan and Zac Brown hugged it out; Kellie Pickler handed out feuding assignments (Kelly Clarkson got Reba; Kenny Rogers and Brad's faux feud had Rogers chuckling). No subject was off-limits including mocking the process of signing up for Obamacare, commending Taylor Swift for not humping a teddy bear and this gem from Brad: "Twerking is a medical term, Carrie." And for some reason P. Diddy was right in the thick of things. For more, here's a full rundown of last night's CMAs.

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Last Night on TV: Late night shows hits the motherload with Toronto Mayor Rob Ford jokes

I don’t know about you guys but after Monday night’s round of late night laughs about Rob Ford’s weekend radio show, all must-see-TV for me didn't start till about 11 p.m. on Tuesday. And the good people of The Daily Show, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Liveand more did not disappoint!

From Jon Stewart on The Daily Show: “In light of this recent scandal, Mayor Ford has looked deep within himself and decided: ‘I’m good! I’m going to run for re-election.’”

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Last Night on TV: Cher on DWTS, everyone loves George on Hart of Dixie and more

Dancing with the Stars
had special guest judge AND performer Cher by this week, which means everyone danced to Cher songs too. Cher sang "Believe" at the top of the episode and then later on in the episode sang "I Hope You Find It" totally decked out in feathers, in a pre-taped segement. 131105-voice-adamLater as a judge, she really let her feelings fly: namely, she got bleeped when doling out her opinions about Val and Elizabeth's jazz routine. After being enthusiastic about "the rough part," Cher continued with, "I like it when…. [BIG LONG BLEEP]."

On The Voice, Xtina and Flo Rida took to the stage for the flashiest of performances of "How I Feel" - very 20s-esque, although Xtina's hat was more Blossom, less Gatsby. Additionally, Adam Levine tried on a new look. Some call it suave; I call it choir boy-meets-Mormon; you be the judge:

Over in Bluebell, Zoe was all a-twitter because a town poll found only 13 per cent of people believed Joel - her current beau - was the man for her. This led to zip-lining with tweens and George in the wilderness and Joel conquering his feeling while Wade looked on with the most amusing of facial expressions and (thankfully) pointing out the real issue isn't George - it's that Zoe's still in love with him. (TEAM WADE ALL THE WAY!) By episode's end the tweens and the town buoyed Joel's approval rating and that's that.

After a three week hiatus, Sleepy Hollow returned with John Noble as "The Sin Eater." (Ie. "A person who has the power to cleans the wicked of their sins" and "reaches in your soul and swallows your sins.")  Moving on, The Freemasons kidnapped Ichabod - even though he's a member. They wanted to cut Ichabod's blood tie with Headless, which they wanted to do by having him kill himself. Probably not an ideal fate from Ichabod's perspective. In Abbie's quest to find Ichabod, she's visited by Katrina which led her to a man known as the Sin Eater (Fringe's fan fav Noble), who unlinked Ichabod and Headless with a little blood drinking.

How I Met Your Mother brought back its titular character and gave us a belated Halloween treat: seeing Ted propose to her at the lighthouse in Farhampton (Far Hampton?) two years down the road. Unfortunately we had to endure Lily (in a great dress) going all Hulk on glassware for 22 minutes and Robin antagonizing her future mother-in-law over scrambled eggs. But those Stinsons sure give great big compassionate hugs.

Lastly on The Blacklist, our baddy of the week was none other than Dr. Wilson of House fame (aka Robert Sean Leonard), who was out to infect the world with a crazy raee disease because his son had it and he was looking for a cure. The bigger picture takeaway from this episode is that Red bought a house - the one where he "raised his family" - and then blew it up. How many of you think Red HAS TO BE Elizabeth's father now? Hit the comments with your theories.



Last Night on TV: OUAT, The Good Wife and more

If you haven’t noticed The Good Wife is the best drama on network TV right now. Are you watching it? WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING IT? Sorry, I’ll pull myself together. In truth, there’s a range of fun drama on Sunday nights and let’s get down to talking about them:

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Last Night On TV: Scandal, The Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy and more

Perhaps you were out trick-or-treating last night and so you may have missed all the big TV reveals. And there were quite a few! Kisses, deaths, secrets revealed: we’ve got it all. So beware the spoilers as you keep scrolling down:

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Last Night on TV: Major reveals on Revolution, Tomorrow People and Arrow

Game six of the World Series – who cares?! The hour-longs were punching above their weight class last night and whether you’re a CW fan or side with the slightly older networks, there was phenomenal TV fun for you last night! PS. SO MANY SPOILERS AHEAD!

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Y&R's Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott to visit Toronto!


The Young and the Restless' Eric Braeden (Victor) and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) will each be making separate appearances in Toronto on Sunday, November 3, 2013.

Because of the times, it looks like you might only be able to meet one of them! Who will you choose? Mr. or Mrs. Newman? Check out the times and locations after the jump!

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Last Night On TV: Halloween comes to The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, and more

Well, I hope you’re all baseball fans because a significant portion of Tuesday night’s TV – namely New Girl, The Mindy Project and S.H.I.E.L.D. – was in fine rerun form. Don’t worry, I hear the World Series is about to wrap up any day now. But on to the new and/or improved!

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