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The Project: Guatemala recap – "Bus Trouble"


Mia, Blair and Betheny were Ray’s most improved crew members at the end of the last week’s episode, so they began the third episode in Antigua, where they got to check out a chocolate factory and enjoy some Burger King…luxury that may have gotten to Mia and Betheny.

The main complaint from Ray, Project Somos’ Greg and the head of the Guatemalan workers was how slow the project was going. Dallas, Nina, Betheny and Drew slacked around all day to the point where things were starting to become disrespectful and distracting to the local workers. Dallas began day-drinking and his childish behaviour was only egged on by Drew while Nina flirted with Pedro after she couldn’t find a proper task which allowed her to also work on her tan. Betheny was afraid to work hard as to not jeopardize her beauty. “I’m doing it but I’m not going hAM.” Tianna, Ray’s insider, was frustrated and tried to get the group together but it was Kalin who finally made some headway by re-assigning tasks on the whiteboard. Greg was over their behaviour and called them out on it. “I didn’t sign up for a daycare.” Dallas went off on Greg and chalked up his anger to not having outlets like the gym or smoking pot to work out his aggression like he does back home (scary).

In the hopes of motivating the team to work hard, Ray organized a soccer game for all the coworkers. Betheny decided to write on out a list of Guatemalan grievances on the Project Somos tent. Ray then gives them an exercise to write out their goals about who they would like to be when the project ends.

This week’s adventure challenge brought the group to Lake Atilan where they competed in a three-part relay race where they learned how to balance a basket on their head, paddle out to get a crab trap and then race to the streets in a Tuk Tuk. Ray stated that they were all winners and they all got to celebrate with some alcohol. Mia had way too much to drink and turned into a monster during the bus ride home. The bus had to stop and Mia left…for real this time. Ray blamed Mia’s exit on the entire group.

Most Spoiled: Dallas. The day-drinking during the build was not cool. Also not cool for giving Greg from Project Somos attitude.  

Most Improved: Kalin. He was usually one of the first people to be ready for the build each morning and re-introduced the whiteboard to help the others get their act together.

Devil’s Advocate: It was hard to relate to anyone this week. You’d think after three weeks they’d start taking the volunteer work seriously.

Fight of the Week: Greg vs. Dallas – Greg has had enough and we don’t blame him.

First World Problems in a Third World:


The Project: Guatemala airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on OLN and City. Click here to learn more about Project Somos. You can also text PROJECT to 45678 to donate $10 or text SOMOS to 45678 to donate $20.


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