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The Amazing Race Canada recap: And the winner is...


After following nine teams through seven provinces, three territories, 15 cities, 3,000 kilometres and multiple challenges, The Amazing Race Canada's inaugural season all came down to the race's three underdog duos: sisters Vanessa and Celina from Ottawa, father/son duo Tim Jr. and Tim Sr. from Winnipeg, and brothers Jody and Cory from Ottawa.

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The Amazing Race Canada recap: "I's the b'y that builds the boat"


There are only two episodes left on The Amazing Race Canada, and who’s going to come out on top is still anyone’s guess. Only four teams remain in the race across the county, which saw them trekking from Nunavut to Nova Scotia this week.

After an overnight stop at the historic Pier 21, teams made their way to Mahone Bay for this week’s Road Block. They had to search the tiny community to find various scarecrows and then build replicas using the supplies provided. Jody and Cory were the first to complete the task, followed by Tim Jr. and Tim Sr., Dave and Jet, and the sisters.

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The Amazing Race Canada recap: "We Don't Have Time for the Bathroom!"


The five remaining teams began the seventh leg of the race by jetting from Quebec City to Iqaluit, Nunavut. There, they searched the vast Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park for throat singers, who handed them details about this week's Detour: Harpoon Hunter (which required a team member to drag their partner in a sled to a target, which they each had to hit with a harpoon) or Igloo Builder (which saw teams building igloos with 30 lbs. blocks of snow).

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The Amazing Race Canada recap: "We want to be the mushrooms"


Only five teams remain in the Amazing Race Canada's inaugural season, and this week's tight challenges and close foot races to the finish prove that it's still anyone's game.

Teams headed from Regina to Quebec City, where their language skills were put to the test. Most duos could speak passable French, with the exception of jovial jocks Dave and Jet, who amused the locals with their terrible translations (adorably mixing up the words for champion and mushroom, and saying things like "Parlez to me!")

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The Amazing Race Canada recap: "In the mounted police we don't cry"


Well, that was a bummer. After coming in second place last week, fan favourites Hal and Joanne struggled to complete this week's tough challenges and the obstacles placed in front of them by other teams.

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The Amazing Race Canada recap: "We have experience grabbing nuggets"


In week four of The Amazing Race Canada, the seven remaining teams headed from Calgary to Yellowknife for the chilliest leg yet in their ongoing trek across the country. All teams ended up on the same flight, immediately levelling the playing field.

Once in the Northwest Territories, they had to make their way across a frozen lake for this week's Road Block: a frigid polar bear dip. Holly and Brett were the first team to arrive, with Holly opting to take the plunge. Next up were Jody and Cory, who finished the challenge quickly – a little too quickly. Cory was so focused on getting out of the icy water he forgot to grab the clue and was forced to do the challenge twice.

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The Amazing Race Canada recap: "We're doctors. We can't put together a skeleton?"


The seven remaining teams headed to Calgary this week, where the contestants got their hands dirty – and we're not just talking about the coal mining challenge. The episode kicked off with the most back-stabbing we've seen to date, with Kristen and Darren breaking their alliance with Brett and Holly to give the Express Pass to the much weaker team of Vanessa and Celina. Of course, it was hard to feel a lot of pity for Brett and Holly, who just moments earlier hid all of the airport's Calgary maps from the other teams (and then had the nerve to lecture Kristen about integrity).

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The Amazing Race Canada recap: "These eyes aren't just for looks, they're for looking"


amazing race canada jon montgomery
Host Jon Montgomery and skater Michelle Pepin hand out clues in this week's first Road Block. (CTV)

This week’s episode saw the teams race from Kelowna, BC all the way to…Vancouver, BC! Ok, so clearly this show won’t be featuring the globe-spanning jaunts we’re used to seeing on its US counterpart, but at least the challenges remain solidly thrilling. Also, host Jon Montgomery called Vancouver “the supermodel of North American cities,” so it’s got that going for it.

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The Amazing Race Canada recap: "Everybody loves a gay cowboy"


The Amazing Race hit the road last night for its inaugural Canadian edition, which follows nine ridiculously energetic teams as they race across the nation for the chance to win a year of free Air Canada flights, a pair of Chevrolet Corvette Stingrays, and $250,000.

This isn’t exactly The Amazing Race we all know and love, though. The original reality competition is an international travelogue that derives much of its drama from exotic locales, drastic time zone leaps, and difficult language challenges. By limiting the course to within Canada, the most cultural tension we can expect from this edition is an argument between Canucks and Habs fans. Even the contestants seem stereotypically polite, especially now that the only duo to exhibit any edge was the first to get eliminated.

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